Artist Biography


Bimal Shrestha was born  and raised in  a small village in  south-eastern  Nepal called Raghunathpur. Growing up at the vast landscape of Terai enclosed by Himalayan foothill and beautiful savannas, Bimal developed a  love for the outdoors from an early age that still influences his artwork today.

While Shrestha’s professional background is in the field of electrical engineering, he has always been  engaged  in sketching  and painting. His  artistic journey  took a  new  turn when he discovered his love of oil painting after moving to Bay Area California in 2012. An  avid nature lover, Shrestha  spends  his  leisure time  outdoors to  provide  constant inspiration for his oil paintings. He often likes to explore new vistas , setting up  his easel, and painting a piece on the spot. He uses en plein air studies as reference to create large paintings at his studio.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Shrestha’s credits his mother  to influence him in the art world. He learned to sketch and paint by copying her Fabric Arts at home  in his early childhood. In recent years, Bimal has attended numerous workshops organized  by  local  plein air painters and Art Associations.  He continues to study by visiting museums, galleries, observing the  works  of  the Great  Masters and learning  techniques with different Contemporary  Artists. 

Bimal  lives in Hayward CA. 


Los Gatos Art Associations(LGAA)

Hayward Arts Council(HAC)

California Art Club (CAC)